Dear Friends,

This blog is simply a means of helping me to catalogue and preserve a record of my thoughts on a number of important topics related to history, religion, foreign affairs, and academia. As a former Marine who is now a college professor, whose research and publications focus on the historic impact of the crusades on relations between the Islamic world and the West, these are the related and connected topics that personally interest me the most.

By no means do I always view my commentary on these complex issues as definitive. To the contrary, I am well aware of the particular strengths and weaknesses of my research background and personal experiences as they relate to various topics. Nevertheless, I hope that some will find this blog and the comments that will eventually be provided here (whether by myself or others) useful for thinking about past and present events. For more about my research background and scholarly interests, see the “About” section of this site.

All the best,

Andrew Holt