Guest Essays

Essays and short pieces by other scholars that have given their permission to publish them here.


Was Lincoln a Racist? by Dr. Alfred J. Andrea

Historian Alfred J. Andrea briefly considers popular understandings of Lincoln’s role in the freeing of the slaves and the contributions of African-Americans to the same.


The Myth of African American Confederate Soldiers by Dr. Alfred J. Andrea

Historian Dr. Alfred J. Andrea with some brief comments on the myth of African American soldiers serving the Confederacy in contrast to the genuine service of African Americans in union armies during the U.S. Civil War, as highlighted in the forthcoming book Seven Myths of the Civil War by Hackett Publishing in September, 2017.


The Four Minute Expert by Dr. David Schwam-Baird

UNF Political Scientist Dr. David Schwam-Baird on the challenges of academics offering commentary in short media segments. David had originally published his essay in January 2010 in the First Coast Freethinker, and so he asked them for permission for me to republish it here and they kindly agreed. It reflects not only his always thoughtful and intelligent approach to such issues, but also his great sense of humor.