Myths of History: A Hackett Series


The posts collected here all relate to Hackett Publishing’s Myths of History series. Please check back for future additions and updates as the series grows.

The co-editors invite inquiries from established scholars who wish to pursue the possibility of preparing a volume in this series. Documents outlining how to prepare a proposal and other matters relating to the series are available upon request by colleagues. Potential authors for the series are encouraged to email Alfred J. Andrea at and/or Andrew Holt at with any questions.

For further information about the series, please click here for the series announcement.


Hackett Publishing’s Myths of History Series

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Interview with Dr. Wesley Moody on Seven Myths of the Civil War



Seven Myths of Africa in World History: An Interview with Dr. David Northrup


“A superb introduction to major themes in African history, lively and without jargon, and pitched at the right level for a general or student readership. At the same time, it does not oversimplify. Unlike many other introductions to African history, the text does not overwhelm with details, but focuses on arguments and issues with which readers can engage.
“Northrup’s approach is balanced. Even as it engages with some politically sensitive topics, it does so in a careful and fair fashion: A thoughtful book, drawing on and reflecting the best traditions of Africanist scholarship. Most of all, it was a pleasure to read.”
—David Gordon, Bowdoin College


Guest Essay by Alfred J. Andrea: Was Lincoln a Racist?



Guest Essay by Alfred J. Andrea: The Myth of African American Confederate Soldiers



Seven Myths of the Civil War: An Interview with Dr. Wesley Moody


“Readers of this book who thought they knew a lot about the U.S. Civil War will discover that much of what they ‘knew’ is wrong. For readers whose previous knowledge is sketchy but whose desire to learn is strong, the separation of myth from reality is an important step toward mastering the subject. The essays will generate lively discussion and new insights.”
—James M. McPherson, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University


Seven Myths of the Crusades: An Interview


“There has long been a great need for a book like this one, and it deserves a wide dissemination among the interested reading public and journalists as well as students and professional historians. It draws on much of the best and most recent scholarship on diverse aspects of crusading, but is still written in an accessible style. It should certainly be included in any reading list for an undergraduate course on the crusades, and anyone intending to make judgmental pronouncements on the aims and character of crusading would do well to read it and reflect carefully before rushing into print.”
—Alan V. Murray, University of Leeds


Crusading Against Poor History: An Interview with Dr. Paul Crawford



The Future of Medieval History: An Interview with Dr. Alfred J. Andrea

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