Original interviews/profiles of scholars, warriors, and politicians offering their unique insights into current and past events as they relate to the topics considered on this blog.



Archaeology and Modern Scholarship on the Crusades: An Interview with Dr. Adrian J. Boas

An interview with Prof. Adrian J. Boas, President of the Society for the Study of the Crusades in the Latin East.



Writing Crusade History: An Interview with Dr. Laurence W. Marvin

An interview with Prof. Laurence W Marvin, a leading scholar on the Albigensian Crusade.



Reflections on the State of Medieval Studies: An Interview with Dr. Jane Chance

Here the eminent scholar of medieval literature gives her views on the current state of medieval studies and her take on a recent controversy in the field.



The Third Crusade and the Siege of Acre: An Interview with Dr. John D. Hosler

My interview with medieval military historian John D. Hosler considering his new book on the Third Crusade that will be coming out with Yale University Press soon. This fall John is leaving his tenured full professor position at Morgan State to join the faculty of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth.


Seven Myths of Native American History: An Interview with Professor Paul Jentz

My interview with Prof. Paul Jentz, author of the Hackett work Seven Myths of Native American History.  Paul provides a fascinating consideration of how Native-Americans have been viewed during the course of U.S. history.


David and Nancy-Bhutan

Seven Myths of Africa in World History: An Interview with Dr. David Northrup

An interview with Dr. David Northrup on his new book for Hackett Publishing’s Myths of History Series. See Seven Myths of Africa in World History (Hackett, 2017).



Seven Myths of the Civil War: An Interview with Dr. Wesley Moody

An interview with Dr. Wesley Moody of Florida State College at Jacksonville about his forthcoming edited volume, Seven Myths of the Civil War (Hackett, 2017).



The FBI in the Age of the War on Terror: An Interview with Dr. Ellen Glasser

An interview with retired FBI agent Dr. Ellen Glasser, who is currently a professor at the University of North Florida in their Criminology and Criminal Justice program. Here she considers a number of topics, including the FBI’s response to terrorism after 9/11 and gives advice on how one can become an FBI agent.



Russia, Poland, and Trump: An Interview with Dr. Jacek Lubecki

An interview with Georgia Southern University Political Scientist and international relations expert Dr. Jacek Lubacki, considering the relations of Eastern Europe and Russia and the potential impact of Donald Trump’s presidency.



The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Interview with Dr. Michael S. Neiberg

An interview with the one of the leading historians of warfare in the 20th century. It focuses on his recent trip to Israel, which was to gain an understanding the security concerns of the State of Israel and how attitudes there have developed toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. dr-michael-s-neiberg/



The State of Crusade Studies: An Interview with Dr. Helen J. Nicholson

A profile of the great crusade historian Helen J. Nicholson, considering her excellent career and the current state of crusade studies.



Islamic Law and Homosexuality: An Interview with Theologian Arnold Yasin Mol

My interview with Dutch Muslim theologian Arnold Yasin Mol on homosexuality and how it has been viewed in classical Sunni jurisprudence.



Martial Arts in the Age of the War on Terror: An Interview with Master Daniel Gimenez

Master Daniel Gimenez is an elite martial artist who has won numerous championships and holds black belts in four types of martial arts. He has also trained numerous military and law enforcement professionals including the Secret Service. He is also my martial arts instructor and kindly agreed to answer some questions about the value of martial arts for personal security in the age of the “War on Terror.” terror-an-interview-with-master-daniel-gimenez/


Defending Western Civilization: An Interview with Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown

My interview with the great University of Chicago medieval historian Rachel Fulton Brown, who has recently been a source of controversy for her outspoken defense of Western Civilization and the provocative framework in which she presented her arguments.


The Continuing Importance of the Liberal Arts: An Interview with Dr. Cecilia Gaposchkin

Dr. Cecilia Gaposchkin is a leading crusade historian at the prestigious Dartmouth College. Here, she argues on behalf of the continuing importance of the Liberal Arts as a field of study in the face of modern challenges to its relevance. She also briefly considers the impact of modern technology on crusade scholarship.



Africa, Islamic Terrorism, and the West: An Interview with Evans Gumbe

Originally from Kenya, Evans is now a German doctoral student whose research considers terrorism in Africa. Here he provides his insights, formed as much by his life experiences as his formal research, on the unique challenges of Africa in dealing with Islamic extremism as well as Africa’s relationship to the West.



Crusading Against Poor History: An Interview with Dr. Paul Crawford

Professor Paul Crawford, of California University of Pennsylvania, a leading expert on the crusades and the military orders, gives his view of the current divide between scholarly and popular opinion on the crusades and the role of historians as public intellectuals.



The Most Dangerous Man in Medieval Studies: An Interview with Peter Konieczny

Peter Konieczny, the founder of the popular, gives his insights on the importance of medievalists adapting to the online world.


Alfred J Andrea photo

The Future of Medieval History: An Interview with Dr. Alfred J. Andrea

Dr. Andrea is Professor Emeritus of the Medieval History at the University of Vermont. He is the author, editor, or translator over eight books, including the best selling textbook The Human Record. Here he provides his insights on a number of issues concerning the study of medieval history by modern historians.



Soldier, Scholar, Politician: An Interview with Dr. Wayne Bowen

Dr. Bowen is the Chair of the History Dept. for Southeast Missouri State University and serves on the city council of Cape Girardeau, Mo.. He is also a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army Reserve and has served tours of duty in both Bosnia and Iraq. Here he provides his insights into the current conflict with ISIS as well as his perspective on being a conservative in academia.



ISIS and Medievalism: An Interview with Dr. Sharan Newman

Dr. Sharan Newman is an accomplished author and historian. Her research on the middle ages, particularly the crusading era and conflicts between medieval Christians and Muslims, has given her unique insights into the current “war on terror.” She shares those insights here.



Blackwater vs. ISIS? An Interview with Patrick Minor

Patrick Minor is a former Marine, Police Officer, Swat Team Member, and Security Contractor. He has worked under contract in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq providing security and training in all of these regions. Here he provides his unique insights into the world of private security contracting and how it can aid in such conflicts.



An Interview with Dr. Florin Curta on Communism, Faith, and Academia

Dr. Florin Curta is one of the leading medieval historians in the world. He was born and grew up in communist Romania where as a young man he experienced the hardships of life under communism and served as a paratrooper in Romania’s communist army. Here he provides his unique insights into life under communist rule as a devout Orthodox Christian.

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