Medieval History Links

Included here are links to blogs, websites, or online projects produced by medieval historians (mostly) that have a significant focus on crusading or related medieval historical topics. The list will be updated periodically.


Adrian J. Boas- Adrian J. Boas and Montfort Castle Project

Daniel Franke- The Winds of War: History, Academia, and Current Affairs

Merle Eisenberg, Sara McDougall, Laura Morreale- Middle Ages for Educators

M. Cecilia Gaposchkin- Sources for Crusade History

Paul Halsall- Internet Medieval Sourcebook

William Hamblin-Crusading Warfare

John D. Hosler- John D. Hosler, Ph.D.: Medieval Historian

Greg Leighton- Greg Leighton

Laura Morreale- French of Outremer (w/Nicholas Paul)

Helen J. Nicholson- Knights Templars Estates and Gawain’s Mum

Simon Parsons and Thomas Lacaque- The Crusades in France and Occitania

Linda M. Paterson- 

Nicholas Paul- French of Outremer (w/ Laura Morreale), Oxford Outremer Map, and the Independent Crusaders Project (w/ James Doherty)

C. Matthew Phillips- Historia et Memoria

William Purkis- Bearers of the Cross

Jonathan Riley-Smith, Jonathan Phillips, Alan V. Murray, Guy Perry, and Nicholas Morton- A Database of Crusaders to the Holy Land, 1095-1149

Jonathan Riley-Smith- Revised Regesta Project