Books by FSCJ Historians

My institution, Florida State College at Jacksonville, is a former community college that now offers four year degrees. The transition from a community college to a “state college” has been slow and incomplete as we remain, at heart, a community college. As a result, there is no publishing requirement for its historians although academic publications do count toward “professional development” in the awarding of tenure or “continuing contract.” Moreover, while we have heavy teaching loads, the college supports its historians through the option of taking one year sabbaticals during which a professor can work on a book.

Even with such a benefit, however, writing can be a challenge as we teach what are known as 5/5 loads, meaning our professors teach five courses in the fall and five in the spring, unlike research universities or liberal arts colleges that have teaching loads typically in the 2/2 or 3/3 range. Even a 4/4 load would be a significant reduction from the requirements of our professors. Yet even with these challenges our historians have, it seems to me, been exceptionally productive (solely for the love of writing about history) when it comes to academic publishing.

Below is a chronologically arranged list of books by FSCJ historians published (or forthcoming) by various academic presses. It will be updated over time. 


Cover image for The World of the Crusades

Andrew Holt- The World of the Crusades, 2 Vols. (Greenwood Press, 2019).


Capturing the South

Scott L. Matthews- Capturing the South: Imagining America’s Most Documented Region (UNC Press, 2018).


Image result for seven myths of the american civil war hackett

Wesley Moody- Seven Myths of the American Civil War (Hackett Publishing, 2017). See also this interview with Wes.



Andrew Holt- Great Events in Religion: An Encyclopedia of Pivotal Events in Religious History, 3 Vols., co-edited with Florin Curta (ABC-Clio, 2016).


Image result for the battle of fort sumter and the origins of the civil war wesley moody

Wesley Moody- The Battle of Fort Sumter and the Origins of the Civil War. (Routledge, 2016).



Andrew Holt- Seven Myths of the Crusades, co-edited with Alfred J. Andrea (Hackett Publishing, 2015).  *Included in The Medieval Magazine’s Top 50 Medieval Books Published in 2015.


Image result for diary of a civil war marine

Wesley Moody- The Diary of a Civil War Marine: Private Josiah Gregg, co-edited with Adrienne Sachse (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2012).


Image result for demon of the lost cause

Wesley Moody- Demon of the Lost Cause: Sherman and Civil War History (University of Missouri Press, 2011). *History Book Club Selection.



Andrew Holt- Competing Voices from the Crusades, co-edited with James Muldoon (Greenwood Press, 2008).