More Myths of the Crusades: A Panel Discussion at Leeds in 2019.

I’d encourage any interested readers of this blog attending the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds in the summer of 2019 to consider attending the following round table discussion sponsored by the Northern Network for the Study of the Crusades.

More Myths of the Crusades: A Follow up to Seven Myths of the Crusade – A Round Table Discussion

The panel includes a range of junior and senior scholars who, as a follow up to the 2015 book Seven Myths of the Crusades, will be considering additional crusade myths.

The panelists include:

Among the topics that will be considered are the following:

  • The “younger sons” thesis.
  • Crusading and colonialism.
  • Anti-crusade sentiment among the Greeks in the late Byzantine and post Byzantine periods.
  • The mislabeling of the residents of the crusader states as “crusaders.”
  • Myths related to the idea of the knight-crusader.
There will also be a question and answer session during which audience members will be encouraged to ask questions and participate.
The session number is 1414 and the panel will be held on Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 20:00 on July 3rd, 2019.